We have a wide variety of cocoa products

Organic Raw cacao beans
Our organic high quality, raw cacao beans come in 50kg Jute bags directly from the family Koutou farm, and the Yembuni Zone located in the Centre-Region of Cameroon

The beans come from yellow ripe cocoa pods from the Trinitario variety, a hybrid from the cross between the Criollo and the Forastero which originated from the Amazon. The harvest is twice a year in Cameroon. The fermentation process takes 6 days, the fermented beans are sun-dried for another 6 days to reach 7% humidity level. Raw cacao beans are produced by our family members and smallholder farmers with several years of experience in cocoa production.

Cocoa butter Bukao
Our high quality natural and deodorized cocoa butter is obtained by pressing cocoa beans. (25kg boxes)

It's Ivory yellow color will give to smoothness to recipes, the snap and the shine they deserve. Ideal for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, white chocolate, chocolate food, confectionary etc.

Cocoa Powder Pokao
25kg bags sell in B2B or 1kg boxes for retails stores

Our high quality cocoa powder is obtain by dutch process and comes from our cocoa liquor, where we have removed the cocoa butter. It is a low fat and low calories cocoa powder. You will be seduced by it's red colour. Can be use in your ice creams recipes.

Chocolate chips Chokao
Dark 60%-80% cocoa contain (25kg boxes)

With their high cocoa content, our chocolate chips are ideal for bakery and pastry. Our Dark chokao is well balanced with no added sugar.

Semi-sweet (25kg boxes)

With their buttom shape our white CHOKAO has 35% of cocoa solids.

Cocoa Nibs Nikao
Sold in 25kg bags, with their dark color and bitter taste.

Our Nibs are obtained from original beans, after being roasted, crushed and winnowed. They are just wonderful amazing broken pieces. The size available is 3.7mm ideal for as topping and desert.