Chokao | Dark Chocolate Chips

Chokao | Dark Chocolate Chips

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Our organic dark chocolate chips bring a new dimension of flavour to your baking. At 2mm in diameter, each chip is carefully shaped from 50% cocoa solids and cocoa butter, with no added sugar.

Also available in 50% cocoa and 60% cocoa varieties.

Ingredients: cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin 

Single origin: Cameroon


Single Origin chocolate

Product name: Chokao 100% Cameroon

Code: Chokao 111

Product description:100%. from Trinitario cocoa beans, 70% Powerful dark with raw nuts, fudge, floral, earthy, smoky tabbed notes

Packaging: 12kgs box

Application: Flavoring Mousse&Ganache, enrobing, decoration, spray work, ice-cream, light molding, filling

TC: 70% , 60% , 50%