A family farm, a love for chocolate, and passion for sustainable business: how EMKAO began.

Our business is based on the production and purchase of cocoa. The production area is based in Cameroon, Equatorial Africa. 
We work with smallholder farmers to harvest the best quality of cocoa beans. The purchase is made from the villages in collaboration with accredited exporters.

Our story dates back to 1892, when cacao was brought to Cameroon from the tropical regions of South America. Over a century later, Cameroon’s 5000 small-scale farmers make the country the world’s fifth largest producer of cacao.

We are proud to be part of this legacy. 

For generations, our family has been refining the art of growing, harvesting, and fermenting cocoa at Kotou Farm, located in the Méfou-et-Afamba region of Cameroon. As we perfected our process, we decided to share the rich, unique flavours of our cacao with North American chocolatiers. 

When our founder and CEO, Ayissi, arrived in Canada in 2016, she harnessed her love of chocolate and marketing background to launch EMKAO Foods. The cacao beans are shipped directly from Kotou Farm to our manufacturing facility in Mission, British Columbia. 

Today, our teams in Cameroon and BC share a common vision of elevating communities – and chocolate – through fair trade, premium cocoa.